CFNT OPEN HOUSE / COOKOUT Saturday, March 31st


CFNT 6 Month Anniversary 2012 Reebok CrossFit Open Games Celebration 2-year Lease Extension


Open to Friends and Family of all Members.  Come hang out for an afternoon and show your family what CrossFit is all about and the amazing community you all have created. PLEASE RSVP to info@crossfitnaptown with the following by March 27th: 1) Member Attending 2) Guests Attending: Family or Friends 3) Of those Guests how many and who will be participating in the WODs. (all WODs will be scalable for all ages and genders and teams will be separated equally) 4) If you choose to bring a dish or contribute to the feast please let us know what you plan to bring so we don’t have triples of everything. [caption id="attachment_2554" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Amazing Spread and Setup for the Grand Opening... Let's have even more for the 6 Month Anniversary!!!"][/caption] All information below is subject to change due to weather and number of RSVP’s recieved. TEAMS You must RSVP by March 27th so we can set up teams in advance. The sooner the better. RSVP to 2 Males/2 Females Per Team, we will determine teams for you, so no need to try and do it on your own. PARTICPANTS: Members, Friends, and Family. TIME WOD 1 Starting Time – 11AM Food and celebration will follow conclusion of WOD’s (around 12:30PM-1PM) PLEASE Arrive 15 Minutes before WOD 1 and be warmed up. COMPETITION Format (this is subject to change upon receipt of RSVP’s) WOD 1 – Regular WOD (All 4 Members) (to be announced day of event) WOD 2 – Butcher/Tire Flip format TBD (2 Members) WOD 3 – Surprise WOD 1 (All 4 members) WOD 4 – Surprise WOD 2 (2 Members) FOOD We are hoping to have a grill on site for cooking purposes. Food dishes are highly encouraged. Paleo Options will be available and are also encouraged! Simply put, the more food the better! AGENDA We will be celebrating our 6 Month Anniversary, the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Open Games Conclusion Celebration (and those athlete who competed), and our finalization of being located at 609 N. Delaware for 2 more years (this is good news!).     Today’s Workout 2 x Max Reps Chin Up Grip Deadhang Pull Ups “Kelly” 5 Rounds 400 Meter Run 30 box jump (24/20) 30 Wall ball shots (20/14) POST: 5×2 Inverted Burpees]]>

25 thoughts on “CFNT OPEN HOUSE / COOKOUT Saturday, March 31st”

  1. That was a quick one eh?
    RX’d. Around 40 minutes. I stopped after round 4. But then finished it with Dave. Who needs to be to work on time?
    My wall balls accuracy is finally stopping my multiple NO REPS, now I just have to work on my endurance.

  2. Time – 28:48
    Oh my gosh! First workout in a long time I wanted to keel over before I finished. Good job 9am’ers!

  3. 28:01
    it’s a tough one, but don’t stop and you’ll be fine.
    even if you think you can’t do any more during rounds 2 or 3, rounds 4 and 5 start to feel easy (or that, or it’s because you lost all blood flow to your brain). either way, you’ll finish.

    1. I agree with Eric pretty strongly. I think the 4th/5th rounds of box jumps weren’t too grueling, but it’s probably because I couldn’t feel my legs at that point.

  4. that was BRUTAL! thanks for the push when i needed it, jared & fellow nooners.
    i used a #12wb instead of a #14…a decision i do not regret one bit 🙂

  5. 37 and ? Rx’d—- Holy crap that was a doosy!!! Great job to the 5pm class and an awesome performance from Ben Schlegal!!!

  6. 43:06 with 12# wall ball
    dang that was rough…2nd round into the 3rd was definitely the hardest mentally…after that I kind of just resigned myself to the fact that it wasn’t over until it was over.

  7. 38:27 Rx’d
    Weakness: box jumps. These took most of the time for me. Biggest WOD challenge mentally in a while and running has never felt so grueling. Loved it!

    1. I had grand plans for getting up early this morning for work…ended up just sleeping like 9+ hours…

  8. 39’10” Rx’d – running right after wall balls was physically difficult, WOD as a whole proved much larger mental challenge.

  9. So happy to check Kelly off my CF list! Today was intense.
    WOD_28:30? I will have to check and confirm that time. Post WOD I wasn’t too attentive.

  10. Kelly is just a slew of bad words. 38:52 – scaled 10# wb and 12″ box. I’m scared of box jumps. Made this WOD up on 3.22.

  11. 32ish minutes with major modifications. Subbed medicine ball squats for the wall balls & used a 16″ box.
    That was the longest 32 minutes of my life! Pretty pumped that I managed all 150 box jumps though.

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