New A-Coaches

Keep your eye out for Merritt and Butch around the box. Butch will be helping more with the 9am and noon classes and Merritt will have a sporadic schedule, but will be around. These will be two great assets to our staff. They both bring tons of knowledge from various backgrounds. Look for a more formal introduction in the upcoming weeks!  

Today’s Workout

“30-20-30” Snatch and OHS technique 20min EMOTM 1power snatch 2OHS]]>

14 thoughts on “New A-Coaches”

  1. A good workout today! I think I may actually be getting decent at snatches- so my wish is coming true.
    Worked up to 58# for last 3 + bonus round of 1.

  2. Worked up to 53# for my last 3 + bonus round of 1.
    Finally felt good about my overhead squats!

  3. Worked up to 87# for last 2 and the bonus. Still getting comfortable with the overhead squat.

  4. Just wanted to thank Crossfit Naptown again for letting me drop in during my business trip. This is a top notch gym with very attentive and knowledgeable coaches.

  5. Worked up to 215 on squat snatches! Pretty cool day! Not my idea for the picture, but it is pretty funny!

  6. Joined the nooner fun. Stayed super light to try and figure put why my OHS look so funky. Many thanks to Butch (awesome job coaching!) — I think I FINALLY made some progress with the dastardly OHS.

  7. did this on Thursday. worked up to 130#s.
    OHS felt solid enough, but snatch technique still needs work.

  8. Worked up to 38#-WooHoo. Totally felt improvement in my squats… I think it’s because of the workout with the bands