NapTown @ Home 4/27/20

30 Min AMRAP:


  • 10 Burpee Step Ups
  • 20 Shin Grabbers
  • 30′ HS Walk/ 30 Shoulder Taps
  • **EVERY 5:00**
  • 100 Double Unders


  • 10 Devil’s Press
  • 20 Shin Grabbers
  • 30′ HS Walk/ 30 Shoulder Taps
  • **EVERY 5:00**
  • 100 Double Unders

This workout is a long 30:00 AMRAP with a fun twist! Every 5:00, including the start of the workout, you will perform 100 double unders before getting into the AMRAP work. When the next 5:00 hits, you will pause what you are doing and perform your double unders before picking up right where you left off.

If you are a beginner, then I suggest adding a 1:00 rest from 4-5 minutes for each interval (ie perform double unders then work until the 4:00 mark then rest until the 5:00 mark and continue). This is a great way to ensure you are not going too hard and give yourself a little break here and there.

You can also modify this workout by dropping the double under reps down or performing single hops with or without a rope depending on skill level and equipment access.

The burpee step ups can be modified to a burpee into a lunge and the devils presses can be performed with only one bell instead of two, alternating sides each rep.
This workout can be made more difficult by attempting to perform your double unders unbroken.

You can also use two dumbbells for your devil’s presses for a greater challenge.

If shin grabbers are easy for you, then try v ups instead.

Lastly, you can elevate your feet to make shoulder taps harder or aim for unbroken sets on handstand walks if that movement is in your skill set.

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