NapTown @ Home 5/21/20

24:00 AMRAP:


  • Max Burpee Step Ups
  • Every 3:00
  • 200m Run
  • 20 Pistols


  • Max Devil’s Press
  • Every 3:00
  • 200m Run
  • 20 Pistols

Today’s workout is a 24:00 AMRAP with work to do every 3:00 including the start of the workout. The goal is for that run and pistol work to take about 2:00, leaving a minute to perform max reps of a burpee variation before working on the run and pistols again. Click around below for ways to modify this workout!

The first scaling option is to decrease the amount of work you re doing every 3:00 if it is taking too long and you end up with no time to perform burpees. You could also perform the work every 4:00 instead of every 3:00 to give yourself more wiggle room to complete the set work.

The run can be modified to any cardio variation that is available to you such as a bike, row, jump rope, etc.

The pistols can be scaled back to a kickstand lunge or an air squat or weighted squat if the single leg variation is tough.

The burpee step ups can be scaled back by performing a burpee into a lunge if you do not have an object to step up onto. You can also scale the burpees back by not going all the way to the floor for a no push up variation.
This workout can be made harder by using two bells on the devil’s press if you have access to that equipment. You could also up the challenge by performing a weighted run or pistol but be sure this does not make the workout so difficult that you cannot get to the burpee variations!

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