CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 11/20/17 – 11/26/17

Monday: Front squat strength work in a similar format to what we have been doing but with slightly heavier weights. Most of us have taken on the 609 Delaware workout or at least heard of it. Today, we are introducing you to 5255 Winthrop in honor of our Monon/SoBro location. This workout will involve 4 different tests each within a 5:00 window. Come join us in this new NapTown benchmark! Tuesday: working with the push press for your strength piece today before getting into some cardio fun. You will be retesting this bike and row interval piece from about a year ago. With short rest times, you will want to pace this workout wisely to be as consistent as possible across all rounds. Wednesday: Deadlifts for the last strength work of the week. Moving into a unilateral workout to finish your day off with single arm work to address imbalances we may have from one side to the other. Last classes of the day : 4:04pm Yoga at 914 Capitol, 4:45pm SWIFT at 916 Capitol, 5:00pm CrossFit at 922 Capitol, 5:35pm CrossFit at Monon. All later evening classes are cancelled. Thursday: No Classes, Thanksgiving Day! Take on an at home workout with the family or sign up for a local Thanksgiving Day fun run. Friday: Limited class schedule today: 9:00am, 12:00pm, and 4:00pm at 922 Capitol 10:00am to 12:00pm Open Gym at Monon 10:30am Yoga at 914 Capitol 2:00pm SWIFT at 916 Capitol We will have a nice lengthy team workout today to sweat out some of that Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie. Saturday: beginning our day with kettle bell skills and drills focusing on core stability and shoulder mobility. From there, we will move into a retest of an open workout! Have a fun and fit week!]]>