CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 6/3/19-6/9/19

Monday: starting our week off with a one rep max strength test. This is not a movement we see super often so come in to enjoy this fun test! We will close the day out with a spicy leg burner of a workout with a bit of dumbbell work and body weight movements. Tuesday: getting into skill work to start off your Tuesday. You will work on stability and balance in the first piece of the day before working your power output in part 2. Your workout will be a 10:00 single modality test with a heavy barbell thrown in every minute for an extra layer of fun Wednesday: after two days of grunt work, we are getting back to some skill and technique today with practice at a more technical lift. The first part of the day will be prep for the workout which will feature the same lift at a heavy percentage alongside a short run. Thursday: getting into gymnastics skill and strength work to start your Thursday with the pull up-dip program. We will move into a fun chipper type piece next with 4 different movement tests, each with a 5:00 time cap. You will test your gymnastics skills and power output in this workout. Friday: starting today off with speed strength work in the form of banded squats. It will be a new challenge for a lot of people and a great way to increase speed in your lifting. Your workout will be a classic CrossFit couplet with a small twist on the standard rep scheme. Saturday: jumping into the weekend with a long version of Annie with a bit of weighted work added to the classic jump rope and sit up workout. Have a fun and fit week!]]>