One of "The Girls" – Angie… Benchmark WOD

ANGIE Complete in order:  You can break into whatever sets you need to finish the 100 of each movement, but you must go in order. 100 pullups 100 pushup 100 situps 100 squats Post your time as this is a Benchmark WOD and will be archived to compare to in the future for PRs and improvements.]]>

6 thoughts on “One of "The Girls" – Angie… Benchmark WOD”

  1. Super Stoked!!! Did my first pull-up since my bike accident on the Chicago Lake Shore Path (July 12th). Still wearing my wrist brace but the fact I can grip and hang was awesome.
    With that… I decided to go ahead and do 99 more.
    Used the door frame pull up bar and did 100 Dead Hang Pull Ups. No kipping because A. It hurt my wrist to try. B. There was no room to kip because I was close to the ground.
    100 Dead Hang Pull Ups = 16:38
    (Not mad considering I haven’t done a pull up in over a month and a half, but the fact that my PR is 16:52 on this whole workout puts things in perspective)
    Angie Time: 30:50
    My goal was under 30 minutes considering I knew the pull ups were going to take forever. Didn’t push myself as hard as I could have as I’ve been crushed after this workout in the past.
    But still happy to get pull ups back.
    Other Times?

    1. Oh yeah.
      Broke my Push Ups into sets of 10 until the last 10 reps were 2×5.
      Sit ups were straight through with no stopping. Steady pace.
      Air Squats- 2 x 50. Video taped this part and definitely need to work on technique. Fatigue was certainly a factor but needs to be better.

  2. Soo…clearly I need to cut some time, and strengthen my upper body, but I don’t think it will take too long…plus two things that will help my time in the future will be…
    1) Dropping some weight…right now I’m moving more weight than I’m used to
    2) Pacing myself, as long as having a better idea of how to break up my sets
    anyway, here is how I ended up
    10 min warm-up
    18:17 Pullups (100) (needed assistance, always started without assistance first)
    11:50 Pushups (100)
    10:48 Situps (100)
    7:21 Squats (100)
    Total workout with some rest between ended up being 1:02:21

    1. Next time I want to do use a little assistance on pullups as possible, break my situps and pushups into 4 sets of 25, and my squats into 2 sets of 50

  3. I went into CrossFit Chicago on Friday while I was in the city for my brothers wedding.
    Their workout was
    6 x 1 jerk out of a rack:
    Used 205lbs for my working sets.
    WOD: 5 rds of:
    5 handstand pushups
    10 Kettle bell swings 2pood (76lbs)
    30 double unders
    My time was 6:07ish
    Post workout was 30 ab wheel rolls