S&F Programming Preview : 6/21-6/26

getting the week going with a lot of strict skill work to get our gymnastics movements feeling strong! Our main piece will be an interval workout with a round every 5:00 full of burpees, weighted lunges, and a weighted run.

getting back on our 10 rep squat work today, pushing the percentages a little heavier to keep building that strength and stamina in your squat. Our workout piece will be a 21-15-9 classic with some moderate lifting and cardio work for a fun and spicy couplet.

getting our day started with some olympic lifting technique work, focusing on improving our patience in the pull. Your workout will be an old school benchmark workout full of bodyweight and lightweight barbell movements in a fast-paced AMRAP format with rest to keep your intensity super high.

after a pair of quicker workouts for our Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be switching things up today with a longer piece full of cardio and bodyweight work.

closing the week out with ALL of the unilateral work for our posterior chain, core, and pull to keep us balanced and healthy. Our workout will be a triplet with our jump rope, bike, and KB for a fast and spicy combination to finish our week.

working with a partner today on a longer AMRAP with a bit of cardio as the pacer while the partner works on a little barbell AMRAP.