S&F Programming Preview : 6/21-6/26

starting our week out with pressing strength work with the goal of building to a heavy single for the day in the push press. Our workout will be a fast and spicy AMRAP with toes 2 bar and rowing to start the week with some intensity.

after a quick workout to start our week out, we will be moving into a longer piece for the day with lots of running, KB work, and push ups.

back on the barbell today with some squat stamina work, building off of our 10 rep max test from last week. We will then be working into a biking workout with heavy barbell work on the minute to break up the biking

getting our day started with gymnastics work for our accessory piece today. Our workout portion of the day will be a nice little bodyweight AMRAP with jumping, pulling, and core work.

closing the work week out with some barbell work with snatch pulling and snatches. The workout portion of the day will be a girl workout benchmark test to finish out the week with a bang!

back to a long workout for our weekend fitness! We will have three sections of today with cardio to start and end the workout with a little couplet AMRAP for the meat of your cardio sandwich.