S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 4/12-4/17

starting our week off with some barbell work, you will be building to a heavy weight in a shoulder to overhead complex. Our workout will be a series of AMRAPs with short rest in between as you work through a DB movement, push ups, and double unders.

more strength work to begin today, this time getting as heavy as possible in an Olympic lift. We will be taking a percentage of that weight and pairing it with a burpee box jump over for your workout today for a fun, spicy test of strength and speed.

after a pair of shorter working pieces to start the week, we will be getting into a long AMRAP today. You will be working with a kettlebell along with some cardio and bodyweight movements.

back on the barbell today, this time working heavy on a thruster. Your workout will then be a couplet pairing a lighter barbell with gymnastics work.

starting our Friday out with gymnastics work, focusing on high quality movement and trying to build up our strict strength. Our workout will be a series of sprint intervals with a decent rest between sets to help keep your intensity high as you work on the bike.

back on a long workout grind today, this time sharing the load with a partner as you work through a long AMRAP full of running, DB work, and gymnastics.