SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 1/24-1/30

getting the week started with a bit of core work before diving into your first workout of the week. Your workout will be a fun combination of bodyweight work and cardio in a chipper type workout.

getting today started with a series of tempo unilateral upper body work to focus on shoulder health. Your workout will be a a series of intervals on a cardio machine with dumbbell and core work thrown in throughout to break up the cardio.

more accessory work to start the day, this time focusing on the lower body. Your workout will be a series of max rep pieces with a nice rest after each round to help you keep your intensity high.

a long AMRAP with a partner today full of high repetition movements that you will split up with your partner to chip away at.

a fun little triplet to close out the work week. You will start the workout off with 3 rounds of the triplet with lower repetitions followed by a rest before completing the triplet as a chipper.

getting into a bit of unilateral squat work to start off our weekend before diving into an interval piece. You will be working for 4:00 and resting for 2:00 for multiple rounds as you work with your jump rope and a DB.