Welcome Shannon D to the coaching team! (and happy B-Day!)

Congratulations to Shannon and Doug for completing their Level 1 Coaching Cert last weekend! And, Happy Birthday Shannon! Shannon will now be a part of the coaching staff here at NapTown. She will be undertaking an Assistant Coaching roll for now.  She will not have a regular class schedule due to her full time job, but expect to see her A-Coaching a few classes a week. Also, Shannon will be adding a weekly Free yoga class starting very soon as well as goal coaching classes. Yoga will be limited to 8 people each week and it will be a first email first serve basis. Please E-mail Shannon@crossfitnaptown.com for more information on Yoga or Goal Setting. Any donations collected at yoga will be given to a different charity each month. Join me in congratulating her and Doug and officially welcoming Shannon to the Coaching team.

Today’s Workout

Bergner Warm up /Snatch TECHNIQUE very light weight 5 rounds 250 m row 10 toes to bar 15 box jumps Post-Mobility Work with bands and foam roller to prep Shoulders for Saturday.  


12:00pm- Eileen C., Christy S., Merritt E., Megan T., Rachel G 12:20pm – Dana L., Jen B, Elyse M, Anna R. 12:40pm – David C., Andrew B., Dave P. , Mike W 1:00pm – Mike L., Nick Anderson, George Lewis, Drew C. , Jacob Schlegel 1:20pm – Coach Jared, Jason Vanoskey, Martin Cole,  Josh Frye 1:40pm – Jared Cantrell , Kevin Murray, Peter B. , Eric Gardner


10 thoughts on “Welcome Shannon D to the coaching team! (and happy B-Day!)”

  1. Wonderful news! Congrats to both of you. Perhaps this yoga class will help me touch my toes.
    Todays WOD was fun.
    I can’t remember my time, but Doug and Eileen were pushing me to keep movin’. Great job 6AM. And Mike rocked it out till the very end.
    Dear Box Jumps, I love you!

  2. Congrats to Shannon & Doug. I am definitely looking forward to yoga… I think this will help with flexibility and form.
    Sorry I missed the workout this morning, sounds like a fun one!

  3. Congrats Shannon and Doug! Look forward to participating in some yoga…my mobility needs some work!

  4. congrats doug & shannon! i can’t wait to do some yoga!
    gotta work on my toes-to-bar, but the WOD was fun with the all ladies noon class!
    until tomorrow, i’ll be visualizing myself throwing 75lbs over my head like its easy.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHAN!! You’re a beast! Congratulations to you as well–and Congratulations Doug!

  6. Are the regularly scheduled classes happening tomorrow, considering the Competitive Heats in the afternoon?

  7. Happy Birthday Shannon!!
    Congrats to Shannon and Doug!
    WOD – 14:39
    Toes to bar still need work.