YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 03.27 – 04.02

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” — Leonard da Vinci

Weekly Focus: Kapha (water/earth)

Kapha is the element based on earth + water, associated with Spring — that which binds things together. It relates to qualities of steadiness, stability, heaviness, slow, cold + soft.

In early Spring, nature’s natural qualities become heavy with water. Water nourishes the seeds of our intentions + reminds us to stay fluid with the changes we may soon undergo. Earth keeps us stable as we enter this season of transition.

This week we mostly find focus on the watery nature of Kapha, however some of the earth qualities are underlying. We relate to these qualities to help us stay grounded + rooted during the Spring. It can be easy to get swept away with the season of change, feeling antsy to get moving + get outside. It can also throw us off balance, to suddenly be thrown into this activity. We look to the qualities of water to help us feel more fluid + steady in our transition, + also to slow down. We don’t need to run towards Spring, we can take our time, like a soft rain or a steady stream. Moving without hesitation, but at a moderate pace. 

Passive Pose of the Week: Cat-Cow

Connect your breath + movement to find a fluid spine, rolling like the tides. From a tabletop position (on hands + knees), inhale to let your belly drop, chin + tailbone lift, heart open, then exhale to press into the hands, round the back upwards, tuck chin + tailbone. Cycle through these positions several times, moving with the breath + paying close attention to the body. If you need more earthy grounding, perhaps hold each position for a full round of breath, moving at a slower pace. However if the watery qualities of kapha call to you, you might move with more fluidity, smoothing out the edges + perhaps adding in your own twists + turns — a wag of the hips side to side, or barrel rolling through the spine may be exactly what you need.

Active Pose of the Week: Spinal Rolls/Undulations

Undulate the spine creating a softness, a watery + fluid quality, engaging adaptability + flow. Starting in a downward facing dog, inhale + round the back forward (like a cat-back) into a high plank pose. Bend the knees, then push your hips + belly back (like a cow-back) on an exhale. Move forward + back in this position several times. Watch the video here for reference. If this simply brings too much movement into the body for the day, pause in each position longer, taking a breath or two in plank + down dog. You may find that the weather for the day helps to dictate your choice. Already raining cats + dogs outside? Slow this down + find those pauses, so that you aren’t swept away in the current of kapha. Always seeking balance in all things.