YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 12.19 – 12.25

Fear doesn’t Stop Death, It Stops Life.” – Unknown

Weekly Focus: Abhinivesa (fear of death)

One of the five kleshas (mental afflictions), abhinivesa can refer to “clinging to life” or “fear of death.”

The ultimate “letting-go,” releasing our attachment to our physical bodies, this material world, and our life here on Earth. The Unknown is terrifying, but if we can release this fear, we might feel more free from the tethers of everyday life, opening up a hold new world of potential, priorities and outlooks. Constantly looking to death as the end all causes pain and heartbreak. Life on this Earth is temporary, everything is in flux, so why waste time fearing what will be rather than basking in what we currently can? Whether you believe that we are constricted to our physical forms or not, fear of losing the life that we have can paralyze and inhibit the choices/actions that we take. Proceed with caution, but don’t miss out on the chance to grow — what is your balance?

All Classes: Simhasana Pranayama (Lion’s Breath)

Our pose option this week allows you to look straight into your fears and say “ab-so-lute-ly NOT today!” This powerful breath not only helps to relieve built-up tension and strain in your face (worry lines!!) but it can also help to stimulate the fifth chakra — the center of our truth, our voice. Let down your guard and share your truth, after all, this life is temporary, so why not?

To practice Simhasana, inhale deeply, scrunching the face and tightly squeezing the eyes and mouth shut. Exhale forcefully, opening the mouth, sticking out your tongue, and possibly taking the gaze to the third eye center the space between the brows. Practice 1-3 times to help release tension and let your fears go.