Yoga Pose & Focus : 12/27-1/2

“Clarity is the moment we see without opening our eyes.” – Stephanie Banks

Theme: Clarity
As we let the dust of our acknowledgement settle, we must skim the surface of our lake so that we have a clear view to the bottom. Once we have acknowledged what is and is not, we can find clarity in our purpose on the journey towards the SELF. What is our dharma? What is our place in the world? Clear the distractions to get more guidance to deeper questions. 

Flow/Align Pose: Open Chair Twist
Allow this twist to wring out all that is not needed and help you to find clarity and space. Breath into the depth of your torso with a broad and expanded chest. As we draw the belly in, we can find space to twist more clearly. Be sure to be aware of your knees in position to your ankles to support the posture properly. 

Restorative Pose: Prone Twist
Just as we wring the water from a towel, twists help us to release what is no longer serving us, what is not a part of our truest Self. Allow yourself to settle into this twist with an openness to letting go, so that we might see more clearly on the other side. Don’t worry too much about bringing the twist into the neck, be careful to listen to your body.