CrossFit Weekly Program Preview : 11/7-11/13

Monday: pull up and handstand conditioning will be the focus of today’s skill work. The goal is for the to be really awesome quality so take your time and work on quality of movement over speed. You will have the opportunity to go fast later in the day with a 10 round couplet. Tuesday: today we will be mixing it up with a heavy weightlifting piece as book ends for your workout. The warm up and mobility will be focused to give you the best chance to succeed during the workout. The middle portion of this workout between the heavy lifting is fast and body weight oriented. I would recommend bringing your Oly shoes today if you like to lift in those! Wednesday: more gymnastics conditioning to start the day focused on core and dynamic swinging. We will be working on the swing of our pull up or bar muscle up and using bands today as scales to get a better feeling of the momentum we are looking to generate through the body in kipping movements. Your day will finish off with a triplet combining pushing and pulling as well as body weight, strength, and cardio movements. Thursday:  working on mobility and explosiveness in our warm up skill piece today plus some agility ladder. One of the movements we do today will be very new to many of you but there will be scales a plenty to make it approachable for all levels. You will be retesting a mental capacity workout from early this spring. The reps will be going up with each set of a single movement while the weight goes down. Friday: quick tabata gymnasty piece to start the day off before getting into your workout. A mix of weightlifting and bodyweight again to finish your day off. The weights are light to keep you moving before chipping away at a tough body weight movement. Saturday: we will be working in pairs today establishing a series of max lifts. Time will be tight so teamwork is essential to hit your best numbers. After a series of maximal lifts you will be venturing out on a longer cardio piece for time to finish the workout off! Have a fun and fit week!]]>