CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 12/16/19-12/22/19

Monday: getting our week started with a benchmark test that will take most of you back to your first ever CrossFit workout. We will work through this test first before moving into a capacity builder with the bike and a bodyweight special. Tuesday: getting the day going with mobility and movements intended to prepare you for today’s strength work. We will be working on Olympic lifting with slightly higher reps than we are used to for a strength piece. We will finish the day off with a couplet using a dumbbell and jumprope. Wednesday: working on skills to start out your hump day with an AMRAP focusing on quality of movement over speed. We will get our intense work in during an interval piece focusing on gymnastics skills. Thursday: working with a barbell for some strength work today in a way that will work to balance you out left to right. We will then move into a triplet with cardio movements and a heavy barbell to close out the day, dress warm! Friday: back to strength work again today. We will work on unilateral strength again to close out the week, this time working the upper body. Your workout will be an interval piece with three tough movements that will challenge your cardio and pacing strategies. Saturday: closing out the week of workouts with a fun partner test with the barbell and two high level gymnastics movements. We will start the day off with movement review and time to play with scaling options before getting into the workout. Have a fun and fit week!]]>