CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 11/4/19-11/10/19

Monday: getting the week started with a retest workout for the Fall Full Body Challenge. We did this workout in classes a few weeks ago at the start of the challenge and will be seeing how a few weeks of healthy eating, smart sleeping, solid hydration, and other health factors help increase your performance! Tuesday: working on the barbell to start today with pressing strength work. We will move into a high rep workout with one movement to chip away at with work to do on the minute to slow you down along the way! Wednesday: getting back on the bar today with a clean complex before getting into the workout for the day. You will be working on intervals today with KBs, working with two at a time instead of one to really challenge your stability and coordination. Thursday: you will start your Thursday working on skill work for the core and glutes. We will move into an AMRAP with cardio based movements and a bit more core work thrown in! Friday: the fifth and FINAL week of the 2020 Open with the workout released at 8pm on Thursday evening. We will be working through the final Open workout in classes on Friday in pairs, judging and counting for one another. Saturday: barring any conflicts with the open workout, we will be working through a variation on a hero workout that we did in classes a few months ago, working through an isometric movement with a mini workout to do any time you break that work up! Have a fun and fit week!]]>