CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 12/11/17-12/17/17

Monday: starting the day out with a mobility prep test for your squat. This is a great drill you can work on at home with incredible results for improving your squat. We will move from this test into a long on the minute conditioning piece that will test your pacing skills and work capacity. Tuesday: working on focused gymnastics skills in the first part of our day, practicing muscle up drills, handstand skills, and core work. After a lengthy gymnastics session, we will move into a fast and furious workout putting some of our gymnastics work to the test. Wednesday: though our focus will largely be on conditioning and gymnastics, we cannot entirely forget the barbell! We will spend the first portion of the day working positions on the clean before getting the heavy weight on the bar for your workout. Thursday: back to gymnastics work today, this time playing with static holds. We will finish the day off with a death by cardio piece. Friday: finishing our gymnastics week out with testing before an open like AMRAP. Saturday:   spending the weekend with a partner workout full of communication and teamwork! Have a fun and fit week!]]>