12 days to clean and organize for opening day!!

4 thoughts on “12 days to clean and organize for opening day!!”

  1. It was nice to finally get a workout in. Feels like its been weeks, even though its only been 4-5 days since I truly pushed it.
    Much more difficult then I expected. The legs just weren’t there on the run and the forearms were absolutely shot after the second round.
    Solid mental challenge though for sure.
    Time: 11:13

  2. Time 17:15
    Like always, when you throw in running I struggle. I need to work on that for sure. The weights weren’t too bad, but my forearms were dead by the end of it!

  3. 11:49.
    Great workout really tested the legs. I didn’t know how this would test the body and it was a great surprise. Great work to everyone today!!

  4. Time – 14:21
    Really liked this workout even though it was gruesome. I was able to clean 55 lbs and throw the 35 lb kb which was tiring in itself, then we had to go run. I worked on my power cleans after the WOD and feel like I’ve got those down pretty well. Overall, a really challenging workout.