Help Wanted!


4 Stations 1) Couch Stretch 2) Ring Dips 3) Shoulder Mobility (Band Stretches) 4) Waiters Walks (Kettlebells or Dumbbells)

WOD 5×3 Minute Intervals

200M Row 10 Box Jumps (24/20) 10 Pullups

*3 Burpee Penalty if you don’t finish in under 2 minutes.*


We are excited to announce that our competition has been sold out.  This will be our Inaugural Event so we are looking for all the help that we can get.  We will never turn down volunteers and the more the merrier so if you are free that weekend and would like to be part of the event please email Coach Jared ( or sign the Volunteer whiteboard on the white table at the box.  Many people have already volunteered various services for the competition so if you feel like you have something unique to offer please let Peter or myself know.  Example, Artie will be offering his services with Artie’s Paleo OnTheGo and also expressed interest in us having a DJ.  If anyone has a Mic system or knows how to set one up that would also be something we would be interested in.  Other examples may be gift cards, gift certificates, or other goodies for the winning team.  All ideas and donations will be openly accepted and put to good use.

Volunteers will receive a shirt. 

Judges will also be hand selected by the coaching staff (out of those who volunteer) to ensure all “Standards of Movements” are being upheld.  Let it be known that judging is not easy and can be very demanding, but yet rewarding at the same time.

Judges will also receive a shirt.


16 thoughts on “Help Wanted!”

  1. I want to compete seems I will have to wait for the 2nd annual bracketbuster when I’m back in the states. AWESOME stuff guys keep it up.

  2. Great to be back in the box!
    Worked up to 2 pood waiter’s walk.
    Fastest interval – 1:43
    Slowest interval – 1:59
    No burpees for me!

  3. 2:30 was my fastest and I used a one pd. KB for the waiterwalk. Burpees every round for me, but that’s okay…what makes me almost barf makes me stronger. That’s the saying, right?

  4. 2:00
    No burpees !
    Red band on pull ups….
    Lots of step ups on the box…..
    Great workout 7:00 Am ers!

  5. 1:59 my first round and then burpee penalties…
    1 pood for waiters walk.
    Still have a long way to go on ring dips.
    Great start to the day!

  6. Worked up to a 2 pood waiter walk (or catwalk).
    3 sets of 5 ring dips
    1st round was best at 1:58…burpees each of the next 4 rounds.

  7. 1.5 pood for waiter walk
    1 set of 10 on ring dips and 3 sets of 5 all with red band
    Fastest interval 2:07 I think..but I graduated to the blue band for pull ups ( whoo hoo!!)

  8. I definitely messed this workout up.
    Let’s just say I did 15 minutes of work.
    1.5 pood waiter walks
    ring dips w/ blue band

  9. Best: 2:30
    Had two reps where I couldn’t get all the pull-ups in.
    Got all 15 burpees in at the end!