As Jay-Z Says, "ON to the Next One"

March 31st, complete with WODs, fun, celebration, and food. More details to come soon.   Also, Yoga has been rescheduled for Wednesday March 21st time TBD. Please email for more information, you must email her if you want to reserve a spot. The space is limited to the first 8 people. As it stands at 7:25pm Sunday night with 12.3 mostly in the books, the CrossFit NapTown Team is Ranked 5th in the region and 75th in the WORLD! Regional top 60 Rankings: Anna Rode: 6th Elyse Merchant: 41st Jared Cantrell: 30th Jared Byczko: 34th Peter Brasovan: 39th Jason Vanoskey: 40th

Today’s Workout:

Strength:Box Squat: 8-6-5-4-3-2-1 6 rounds: 1 rope climb (sub 5 dead hang pull ups) 3 front squats (135/95) 6 Hand Release Push ups 9 Dead Lifts (135/95) 12 steps walking lunges (must open hips while walking)]]>

14 thoughts on “As Jay-Z Says, "ON to the Next One"”

  1. I was looking forward to the first cookout at CFNT, but sadly won’t be around on the 24th to participate. 🙁
    Congrats to the CFNT team on being AWESOME!

    1. Don’t worry, Merrit! I’ll eat your share!
      I’m pretty excited for a cookout. Didn’t make it in this morning because my hand is still a little torn up from Saturday AND I’ll be gone all weekend, so I might have to do 12.4 on Thursday 6AM.

    2. change of plans:It’s official March 31st is our CFNT cookout! it will incorporate team WODs and plenty of fun for all. Stay tuned for a lot more info soon. This will be an RSVP event so we can make teams accordingly. sorry Rachel

  2. I wish my shoulders were ready…this one looks fun. I greatly appreciate the subs being posted.

  3. yay the 24th is my birthday!!! looking forward to my party…i mean, the cookout 🙂
    box squat: worked up to #153
    LOVED doing this WOD with lesley (it was fun to push each other)! used the blue band for pull-ups & scaled to #65 FS/DL.
    time: 9:08
    i also climbed the rope to the top for the first time!

  4. 14:02 this morning.
    Also out of town this weekend, so I will join you on Thursday am for 12.4, Josh. (provided no double unders, of course)

  5. Worked up to 185# on the box squats. Concentrated on form and staying off of my toes and pushing the knees out when standing back up.
    Used 95# for the WOD 13:39

  6. 15:10 (35# and subbing pull ups with the red & blue bands for the rope climb).
    Box squats convinced me i definitely need to work on my hamstring strength!

  7. Box squats up to 205#
    WOD – 14:28
    Last three rope climbs were only 1/2 – 3/4 of the way up. Footwork needs a little work, and I was being over protective of my hands…regardless of the fact they were in great shape thanks to the tape from Moises. Thanks again!!

  8. better late than never…
    WOD_11:46 @83#
    Wish I didn’t have to scale the weight for the front squats, but I my power clean just isn’t up to that weight yet.
    Always love a good rope climb!