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Get Fit While Helping Others Written By Member Mark F.

I am involved with a group here in Indy called Back on My Feet.  Back on My Feet is a national organization and the local chapter works with three homeless shelters.  The mission of Back on My Feet is to promote the self-sufficiency of homeless populations by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem.

The premise is pretty simple, get a group of people together 3 days a week (mon, wed, fri) at 5:45 am and go for a run.  Like anything through time bonds are made and lives are changed.  It is truly one of the most rewarding groups I have ever been a part of and any and all are welcome.  If folks are interested they can feel free to contact me or visit the website ( for more information.

The other item I thought worthwhile to pass along is there is a fund raising race the Indianapolis chapter puts on in October (so a little ways out).  It is a 42K relay race and details can be found here:  (Let’s get a CrossFit NapTown Relay Team!!!)


Back On My Feet Indianapolis Chapter Link

Please contact Mark F. if you are interested or have any further questions.


Fundamentals Tonight – Snatch Technique



July 3rd: We are cancelling the 7pm. Everything else runs as scheduled

July 4th: Only open from 9:30am-12pm – HERO WOD Day. Open Gym

July 5th: NO 6am.                  Cancelling Fundamentals

Introduction/Beginner Class will be as scheduled!


7 thoughts on “Back on My Feet – Volunteer Opportunities”

  1. Made up Monday:
    DL: 150, 175, 195 (2 reps)
    WOD: 14:06 (yuck)
    I had an “aha” moment on the way home from the gym today as I thought about how horrible that workout was for me. Wallballs have been at the very top of my suck list for a long time…but the mere fact that I wrote them on my list isn’t helping anything. I haven’t done anything to try to get better. Really, the only attention I’ve been paying to my list recently is complaining about how much I hate the movements on it.
    New short term goal: actually focus on my suck list skills (Peter/Jared, I’m going to bug you about the best way to tackle some of the things on there)

  2. I second Mark’s comments about Back on My Feet! I volunteer with them on Friday mornings; I love getting to know the team members and watching them build self confidence with every run.
    I’ve also done that fund race relay. It is a great time! I’ll definately be out there again!

  3. Did all the pull ups ( red band ) and pushups for Tuesday’s make up!
    (Had to go to my knees after 4 rounds of push ups)
    So now I have 6 blisters on my hands…..I smile when I look at them:)

  4. Made up Monday… Holy Cow!
    Worked up to 265 on DL for 3 reps
    21-15-9 Wall Balls 20lb
    42-30-18 Du’s
    21-15-9 Burpees

  5. completed this little gem in my hotel room
    20 amrap
    5 push ups
    10 sit ups
    15 squats
    22 rounds + 8 squats

  6. Came in a little early and decided to try the 30 Muscle-Up Club.
    10:00 Rx
    Finally one of my crossfit goals has been accomplished!!! Next year….Regionals.