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WHEN you POST your SCORE because everyone should be posting his or her score, you can now find it with a simple keyword search.  If you want to know your most recent “Fran” time just type in “Fran” and voila, there it is!

This addition has been added because of recent Member Feedback we have received… which leads me into our next topic…

We will be having a Gym-Wide survive (survey, thanks Moises) taking place within the next week or two.  Keep your eyes peeled and Please, Please fill out the survey and be honest and open.  Our community here at CrossFit NapTown will only gett better with your amazing feedback… whether it is good or bad.    Thank You – Management 😉


Strength: Back Squat 5-3-1+ 70-80-90% WOD: “Isabel” 30 Power Snatches for time #135/95 POST: Ring Support Holds (Time Permitting) Accumulate 60-90 seconds. Use Rings, Parallettes, Boxes, or Static Dip Station      


July 3rd: We are cancelling the 7pm. Everything else runs as scheduled.

July 4th: Only open from 9:30am-12pm – HERO WOD Day. Open Gym

July 5th: NO 6am.                  Cancelling Fundamentals

Introduction/Beginner Class will be as scheduled!


13 thoughts on “Isabel”

  1. “We will be having a Gym-Wide survive taking place within the next week or two.”
    I’ve been waiting for this for all my life. A few questions, are we allowed to bring weapons of our own or only what we find in the gym? Does this idea stem from the fact that both the owners have recently been reading The Hunger Games?
    Personally, I love the idea and can’t wait. 3, 2, 1, GO!!!!!

  2. Dear Power Snatch,
    Why must you be so awkward for me yet look so graceful for others? Let’s try and get along next time we hang out, k? Super!
    6:35 55#
    back squat: 95, 110, 120 for 4.

  3. 55# 3:25
    I think my excitement for the weekend got me through this workout so quickly, or, i’m a wuss and need to use more weight….
    95, 110, 125 x 4 ( i think?)

  4. 7:53 at 45# (also got a 50# PR on snatches today but was too much of a wuss to do that weight during the WOD).

  5. BS 145/165/ 185 x 5 reps -hurtin from wednesday!!
    Isabel 13:45 RX …. or did not finish if you enforce the 12 min time cap haha

  6. Skills_175-200-225 (6!)
    Too easy; improved snatch form but need to believe in myself a bit more and push the weight. Next time.

  7. Great work to everyone today! It was so much fun to see the improvements in all of your snatch form. Keep it up.
    WoD 2:44.
    Back squat 5@305! Really excited about this