Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 7/19-7/24

starting the week off strong with a long workout full of running and wall ball work. Join us today for a nice sweat session to kick off your week.

mixing things up today after a long workout on Monday with some longer accessory work to begin our day. We will be working through movements to strengthen your core, posterior chain, and increase shoulder stability. Your workout will be a fast and spicy couplet to close out the day with a bang.

back to a longer workout today, this time an AMRAP with cardio, gymnastics, and carries. Today is a great day to come in and just keep moving for 20+ minutes.

more accessory work to begin our day working through a series to get your glutes and hamstrings FIRED UP for the day ahead. Your workout will be an interval piece where you will work through a couplet as fast as you can before getting a long rest followed by the same workout again!

more interval work to close out the week. You will work through a triplet every 3:00 so your rest will be determined by how quickly you are able to get the work in each time. We will finish the day out with some nice shoulder and midline work before sending you on your way for the weekend!

getting into a long partner workout for your Saturday fitness this week! There will be biking, jumping, pressing, and core work all to split up between you and a partner. If working out with a partner is not your favorite thing, then let us know in class and we can adjust to a solo version of the same workout.