Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 8/16-8/22

getting the week started with a fun, challenging benchmark workout with higher reps on push ups, bent over rows, and squats. We will have a nice bit of recovery and mobility work to close out the day to be ready to go for the rest of the week.

kicking the day off with accessory work for the posterior chain, core, and shoulders to get everything fired up and ready to go. Your workout will be another benchmark test, this time with a cardio piece. We will finish out the day with further mobility and accessory work after a high intensity test.

after a quick workout on Tuesday, we will be into a longer piece today partnering a run with a pair of dumbbell movements. We will finish out with a little pressing accessory work before sending you on your way.

today’s workout will come to you in three pieces. We will kick the day off with an EMOM piece that will get your heart rate up with a KB movement and burpee variation. After a quick rest, you will move into an AMRAP for the middle part of your day with a new couplet with a different KB movement and burpee variation. One more rest before diving into a KB carry finisher to close out the day.

closing the work week out with a spicy bike and core workout. You will be working through a descending ladder for a round of the workout. You will get a little rest after each round before starting back over at the top.

working into unilateral accessory work to start the day. Your weekend workout will be a single movement for high reps that you will chip away at with a bit of gymnastics work to do every few minutes to slow you down.