Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 8/9-8/15

getting things going for the week with an ascending ladder on a pair of DB movements with a set bit of gymnastics work to do after each round. After a pretty shoulder heavy start to the week, we will finish the day out with some accessory work to help you recover.

working into intervals today with the rower paired with some core work. We will also work into accessory work for the biceps and triceps to round out the day.

getting into a long AMRAP today full of various KB movements. Be ready for carries, lunges, rows, and squats in this longer test.

kicking off the day with a bit of core accessory work before diving into our main piece. You will have a fun AMRAP with a KB, jump rope, and a run for your Thursday fitness.

closing the week out with a bang! We will have a 5 round workout with cardio, a weighted burpee variation, wall balls, and core work. Come in today for a fun and challenging way to close out the week!

getting our weekend started with a fun interval piece. We will have cardio work to buy in and buy out of the workout with a pair of AMRAPs thrown in the middle and rest strewn apart throughout!