3902 Project Update!

It’s been a while since we’ve shared updates on our project at 3902 N. Illinois, so we’re bringing you up to speed on all that we can share!

First and most importantly, we appreciate the Monon members who have stuck with us through this transition. We’ve loved having your energy in our downtown facilities, and know that your commitment to your fitness and our community does not go unnoticed! The project has been in motion since it was announced, and it’s still moving along – just at a much slower pace than we had hoped. Aside from COVID and general expected construction project hold ups, a few things have happened that we’d like to share with you in transparency.

For boring reasons we won’t get into, Peter and Jared purchased the 3902 building under a different business LLC – Myriad will be the main tenant of the building that this company owns. With Peter and Shannon’s move to Alabama, Peter has stepped away from his involvement in the building purchase, meaning some big behind-the-scenes adjustments had to be made (as an aside, we totally support his decision!).

We’ve worked hard to balance changes in space needs for potential tenants and our needs as the primary business in the building, which means that we’ve been through many, many layout iterations over the last year. We’re excited to share that we have landed on a final floor plan, and these plans have been OFFICIALLY submitted to be adapted into construction documents, which will then go to bid, and we can finally get started on the big elements of the project. In the meantime, we’ve started on some smaller projects – if you’ve driven by the building lately, you’ll see that some facade work has started on the east side of the building! Don’t be alarmed by the boarded up windows and doors – it’s all a part of the process.

While this is less of a definitive update than we had hoped to share, our goal is to announce a firm timeline with you during our 10 Year Anniversary party on Saturday, October 16th! Your patience, support, and friendship are felt and appreciated as we work to make the 3902 space a long-lasting staple for all community members in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions around the project – we’re happy to discuss further.