Congrats to our Athletes/Coaches for an amazing showing!

Today’s Workout: “30/20/30” back squat 2×10 warm up (less than 50%) 2×15 reps 50% of 1rm 150 KB Swings (1.5/1) every time you put the KB down you do 4: 2-1 wall balls (20/14) Post: 5-5-5-5 anchored weighted sit ups

In the Olympic News!

“North Korea’s Om Yun Chol said he wanted to lift a big weight and make the other athletes nervous. He definitely nailed that strategy. Om, standing all of 5 feet and 123 pounds, won a gold medal by confidently lifting an Olympic-record 370 pounds in the clean and jerk at the London Games. Only a handful of people have lifted more than three times their body weight, and this one came out of nowhere.” ]]>

16 thoughts on “Congrats to our Athletes/Coaches for an amazing showing!”

  1. Adam Lassetter

    135# back squats
    10:sumpin’ on KB swings. I did not do a single wall ball and honestly i think time might have been quicker by taking the wall ball hit at least twice.

    1. I took the wall-ball hit 4 times and think it gave me a pretty good chance to shake out the forearms. I think my rep scheme was 50-50-25-15-10.

  2. Adam Lassetter

    I don’t recall my rep scheme. It was something along the lines of Holy F, how many more!? I was just glad I didn’t send the KB flying a few times as grip + sweat and no chalk =’s trouble…

  3. 14:48 holy forearms.
    although it was rough, and took almost twice as long, this WOD was still better than Karen.

  4. 12 min KB Swings (scaled 1 pood)
    I didn’t put the KB down even with the promptings of Coach Jared.
    Thoughts? Should I have did some Wallballs? Does it really make a difference?

  5. 76-85-100# on the back squats
    9:59 Rx. The wb two fers were a nice break, but I never like doing more work because I had to rest. I only did 3 sets of WBs and tried to tough out as many KBS as possible. Holy forearms, Batman!

  6. 65# back squats.
    146 KB swings –much as I wanted to finish those last 4 were just not going to happen. Thanks for the cheers though guys! 🙂

  7. WOD 11:27 Rx
    Back Squats 225
    Not a fan of doing the strength movement post WOD, but glad to be back at CFNT.

  8. Competition Class:
    8 min AMRAP 135# Thrusters with 5 burpees on the minute, every minute.
    25 total reps. A little disappointed in the total, but I finished without any major shoulder or wrist pain.
    POST WOD: 135# Sled Push, 5 (hi down, low back = 1)