8 thoughts on “…Gently down the stream…”

  1. 5000M Row = Love/Hate, relationship.
    Time = 18:34.6
    (First time ever rowing this distance)
    My first 1000 and last 1000 were both great splits. The middle three were slacking a bit but is typical of a workout like this. My goal was to keep my 500M pace below 2:00 at all times which I successfully did. I kept my entire last 1000M under 1:50 for an average pace of 1:45. I’m getting about 32/33 strokes per minute which I believe is decent. I’m sure I have to clean up my technique. I feel like I rowed with about 5 different techniques throughout the entire 5000M.
    Peter and I did this together and throughout the workout we never asked each other how far the other had left. I sort of enjoyed the “unknowing” factor and just kept pulling harder.
    Interested in seeing some more times.

  2. Time was 19:23
    Definitely caught up to me a bit in the middle. I did this about a year ago and my time was somewhere in the 18:50 range, so I have something to get back to. Tried to stay under 2:00/500m fell off to 2:02 in the 3000-4000 range. Overall a good mental battle and I am happy that is over for a few months.
    Tried to incorporate power 10’s every 500 meters, but that fell down to power 5’s. Basically pulled my hardest for 5-10 strokes every 500meters.

  3. Time: 24:23
    I’m not a huge fan of rowing… in fact I’m horrible at it, but this was a good mental challenge for me considering all I wanted to do was go inside and eat. I sustained a pretty sexy bug bite on my finger too, but I pushed through- because I’m a warrior :).

    1. Way to fight through the mental challenge I am sure the back yard scenery was not the best to look at for 24minutes, but at least you had good music.

  4. Time – 25:40
    This was my first CrossFit WOD and it was a hard one. Overall, I’m happy with the time I worked toward and will definitely be working to improve from here. I started off strong, as I’m sure everyone does, and near the 3500 mark my strokes per minute started to fall off to between 28-31. Having friends around for support helped and I was able to finish the workout, sprinklers going off and all.

    1. Haha, I love that the sprinklers went off for the last 500m, I am sure the cool down was much needed by then.

  5. Time was 23:59. My leg fell asleep with like 1500m to go, so that was rough. I started to zone out with about 2000m, because I didn’t want to focus on me getting tired. Really, I am glad that I was able to push through and finish the work out. I need to work on my rowing, because I think I had a lot of “wasted” rows, meaning I didn’t get a full stroke. So hopefully my form will be better the next time around, which should help with my time.

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