Holiday Week Schedule


July 3rd: We are cancelling the 7pm. Everything else runs as scheduled.

July 4th: Only open from 9:30am-12pm – HERO WOD Day. Open Gym

July 5th: NO 6am. Cancelling Fundamentals

Introduction/Beginner Class will be as scheduled!

strength: Sumo Stance Dead lifts: 5×5 at 88% 1rm conventional DL. WOD: 12 min AMRAP partner goblet squat ladder (24kg/16kg) So partner 1 does a rep, then partner 2 does a rep Then Partner 1 does 2 and partner 2 does 2. Then Partner 1 does 3 and partner 2 does 3 etc. keep going up for 12 min to see how many you can get.   Post-12 Turkish Get Ups ]]>

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    1. Sorry I slowed you down man. I’ll try to be back in shape by the end of the month. Hopefully, I’ll be somewhat close to your level.

      1. You didn’t slow me down, pal. We shared the rest periods, so I was the freshest each time I started and didn’t give you much rest in between each set.

  1. With Jen and Nikita: 14 rounds + 5 for partner(s) 1. Thanks for the motivation ladies!

    1. Margie – sorry I did not make it this morning. I am STILL sore from my first workout Saturday right in my triceps. I hope to make it tonight or see you guys one morning this week!

  2. Margie – sorry I didn’t make it this morning. I am STILL sore from my first workout Saturday. I hope to make it tonight or see you at a morning class this week!

  3. I thought you were joking about doing a Turkish get up with a person, but no joke after seeing that video

  4. Alright, alright, alright… It’s Monday morning and there is a fresh stock of Artie’s Paleo OnTheGo in the fridge! Grilled sockeye salmon and the world famous “Paleoaf” (Paleo style meatloaf)
    *Also, please remember to “be green” and return your containers to the gym… Thanks!

  5. while on vacation, today i did a birthday WOD with my wife. i was born on 7/2/76 and today i turned 36.
    WOD 1 (aka 7.2.76):
    7 rounds of
    2 HSPU
    7 KB swings (1.5/1 pood)
    6 goblet squats (1.5/1)
    8 mins rest
    WOD 2 (Filthy 36):
    36 paces (each way) shuttle run
    36 SDHP (1.5/1)
    36 burpees
    36 paces each way Overhead log carry
    36 double-unders
    36 count plank hold
    thanks to Jared and Peter for helping my wife find a good source for my birthday kettle bells.

  6. Got to set 16, I was partner 1 and on set 17 i failed at 9, all together just a simple hard workout. The turkish get ups after all that was the cherry on top.

  7. Worked up to 165# on the sumo deadlifts. Still working on having good form on that first lift when I deadlift.
    Rachel G. and I teamed up for the WOD and we got through 17 rounds and then the second person getting through 6 of the next round. We were SO close to getting 18 solid. Good job, Rachel! Thanks for the push:)

    1. what a fun workout! i’m glad we finally got to partner up, friend!
      you did #175 on those deadlifts by the way, you strong lady 😉

  8. 405 for two sets, bumped down to 315 for the final three sets. Sumos felt funny.
    WOD with Brandon
    Round 16, first partner 17.

  9. Skill_SSDL 265; 270; 275 (5)
    WOD_@1.5 pood w/ Yogi (…sorry if I spelled your name incorrectly!)
    16 (Y) + 8 (J)
    Nice work, 7PM! Survived Drill Sargent Jared’s first workout!

  10. Great competition class tonight!
    For time:
    5 sled pushes (out + back 25 yards = 1 push) high push out, low push back loaded with 90#
    50 wall balls (20#)
    5 sled pushes (out + back 25 yards = 1 push) high push out, low push back loaded with 90#
    As RX’ed – 17:05

  11. Sumos are odd. I was all over the place – 215#s, 180#s, and then maybe something else. Thanks to Moises for all the help and reassurance that it was okay that they didn’t feel quite “right”
    WOD with Jeanne and Elysa –
    Rounds completed 17 + first partner 18
    Great job ladies – was fun to be the chick group!!