Mobility Day or Make Up Day – Check our Community Page and Keep Voting

CHECK THE COMMUNITY PAGE You’ll notice there is the BOP to the TOP and we are looking for individuals to compete as well as a team for CrossFit NapTown.  Email us with questions or interest. You should also take not that Indiana’s Tough Mudder is taking place this weekend in Attica, IN.  Coach Jared is signed up and ready to get destroyed in the cold muddy water.  This is important because the next Tough Mudder in Indiana will be in MARCH (only a few months away).  Train now and get yourself mentally prepared for one of the most grueling endurance races known to man.


[caption id="attachment_1185" align="aligncenter" width="275" caption="March 17th and 18th, 2012"][/caption]  


Our voting ends today at 4pm.  We’ve had a decent number of votes but need more to have a definitive winner.  It’s a tight race right now.  If you have other suggestions please add.


“Here’s the deal.  We are ordering new shirts, sweatshirts, and performance shirts (higher quality material to work out in and compete in) and we want to stand out with something that matches our personality at CrossFit NapTown.  As we’ve stated many times, there are 1000s of CrossFit generic slogans and logos BUT we want to be unique and have our own.  All members take a look at the slogans below and email…… with your choice.  Just email the number to    And if you are a slacker, but think you can come up with something better or have something better send that along in the email too.   Our hopes are to have many T-Shirts out there as time goes by. Any questions email Coach Jared…”

3.2.1… VOTE!!!

1. “Strength that conquers uncertainty” 2. Always Changing Always Challenging. Always CrossFit. 3. CrossFit NapTown… Wake your sleeping giant. 4. I don’t want a shortcut. I want a Challenge 5. Deadlifts and bacon… It’s what’s for breakfast. 6. Small Logo on the front and the attached picture on the back with our color scheme instead of red. ]]>

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      1. I offer protection. LOL….!!!
        I’m glad this one won. I definitely want one of each piece of clothing you guys got.