And the Winner of the Slogan Contest is…

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Wake Your Inner Athlete

The Slogan contest was a success and the overall winner was selected by a majority vote from the members. Here is the next step… We have clothing samples at the gym of various types of fit and material. We would like you to take a look at the samples and then from there we are going to make a pre-order on the following. 1) Pennant Hooded Sweatshirt (nicer material) 2) Russell Hooded Sweatshirt (regular grey hoodie) 3) Competitive workout shirt (nicer material than a t-shirt for actual workouts) 4) Regular T-Shirts that we have been selling. There will be an order sheet going around the next few days and we would like all orders completed by Wednesday of next week (before we all go home for Thanksgiving). We would like to have these ordered and ready in time for Christmas. With all that being said… there were many great suggestions for slogans. There will be many more T-Shirts made and we now have some great ideas for future apparel.   Thruster Technique WOD 15-12-9-6-3 Thruster (135/95) Toes to Bar POST: Farmers’ Carry


Be Ready To Lift Heavy Things Early Next Week… just saying!

Martin C.’s Big Lift


4 thoughts on “And the Winner of the Slogan Contest is…”

  1. Farmer’s Carry @ 135lbs w/out turning
    Time was 9:56 @95lbs
    Need to work on thrusters. Toes to bar were decent but not great.