S&F Programming Preview : 7/5-7/11

getting the week started with a little holiday MOVE workout!

starting our short work week off with our last week of challenging sets of 10 on back squats before we reload and retest where we are at for that benchmark. Your workout will be a little couplet of wall ball lunges and KB swings for a spicy finish to the day.

getting into a long AMRAP today full of cardio and some athlete’s choice options. This will be a great day to shake things out and spend some time working on skills in your areas of interest.

working on the barbell today with positioning work with the snatch. Join us to hone in on your technique! Our workout will be a couplet pairing a moderately heavy barbell in an ascending ladder paired with jump rope work that will stay the same each set.

closing the week out with a bit of overhead strength work to get us started before diving into a descending ladder with gymnastics work paired with a bit of DB work.

kicking off the weekend with a fun partner workout full of wall balls, cardio, and burpees. You will share the load with your partner on the med ball and burpee portion and move together on the cardio pieces.