S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 3/7-3/13

getting the week started with a bit of squat strength work on the barbell with some percentage work for our front squat and back squat to really up our squat volume. Your workout today will be a medium-length triplet with cardio, barbell work, and some jump roping.

working on some pulling strength and shoulder stability today to get things moving. We will be working into a sprint-like couplet for your workout today with a burpee variation paired with a higher level gymnastics skill!

back to the barbell today for some pressing strength work, this time working on a variety of different press variations to work on strength for some and then technique for others with what will be lighter weight. Your workout today will be an interval piece of cardio paired with a strict gymnastics movement and a rest thrown in to help you with recovery and intensity.

getting our day started with skill work before diving into a little AMRAP with a bit of cardio paired with some bodyweight work and a lightweight barbell movement. Today will be a day you can push hard on or take as a sort of active rest day before diving into our first open workout on Friday!

we will be performing week one of the CrossFit Open today in classes and will not know what the workout is until Thursday evening!

working into a benchmark girl workout today for a fun way to cap off our week and celebrate women’s history month!