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Squat Clean Technique

Skill- 3 Rounds w/ Barbell 5 Hang Muscle Cleans 5 Hang Power Clean 5 Front Squats 5 Full Squat Clean

Squat Clean 5-3-3-1-1-1-1 60%-70%-80%-90%-100% (Set another Personal Record)

POST – Max Plank Hold (on Elbows facing forward)

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To All Members,

Our development as a premier CrossFit facility rests solely in the hands of those who have created this community.


We need your feedback. This is not meant to be a fluff session to build the confidence of Peter or myself (or any of the other coaches for that matter). This is meant to be solid constructive criticism. Things that you would like to see done better at CrossFit NapTown or other ideas that you have that you believe would better the community.

If you have nice things to say, great!! Say them! BUT if you truly have something you want to see changed, this is your opportunity to make it happen.

The survey will be 100% anonymous.

The only way we will continue to grow and succeed is with your honest help.

Please take a few minutes out of your day to help us be better at what we do. We are hoping for a 100% response as we don’t ask often for your help but truly need it in this instance. We dedicate countless hours to making you better, faster, and stronger so help us do the same.

Thank You,

Jared and Peter

  [caption id="attachment_3569" align="aligncenter" width="672" caption="CFNT Competition at the Big Red Bash"][/caption]   [caption id="attachment_3570" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="Zumba World Record Attempt - Big Red Bash - Little Red Door Cancer Agency - I think there were quite a few CFNT Members out in that crowd!!!"][/caption]]]>

31 thoughts on “CFNT Survey – Make Us Better! (”

  1. I’m still fighting some shoulder tightness, so I focused on technique, working up to 195#.
    Great class this morning!

  2. No idea of my squat clean max so today was a PR. 98# I’ll get you 100+, just you wait…gotta take care of the little demon in my head 1st!
    Agree w/ Josh- great 6 am class today!

  3. 185 (PR) this morning. Apparently I’m power cleaning then squatting. Need to learn to get under faster. Like Josh and Margie said, great work by the 6am class, especially Jeannie with her amazing planks of steel. Didn’t even shake at all.

      1. I hope so man. I’m just trying to be more like you. Once you give your shoulders time to get fully healed, you’ll be back to cleaning over 225 again.

  4. Spent way too much time being frustrated with myself this morning. Not a good attitude day for me. Hit a mental wall at #98, so fell short 7 lbs short of my PR from last time around.

  5. Great class! You 6:00amers are a fun group. Got to my old PR of 70#, but couldn’t get past it. Need to work on not being afraid to get under the bar….
    5:15 on the plank.

  6. Hello friends… Don’t forget that the fridge is stocked with Paleo awesomeness!!! Bacon wrapped pork and lemon herb grilled chicken… Also I made my first Paleo BBQ sauce called PaleoPeach… Please let me know what you think!

  7. PR-ed at 115# – I’m doing the same thing, Doug. Power Cleaning and then Front Squatting. I need to drop underneath faster.

  8. Also – I’ll say it:
    I LOVE 30-20-30
    I’ve never been able to squat as low as when we do this warmup.

  9. 150# PR. Similar to other comments I was doing a power clean with a Front Squat added (need to work on this one).

  10. Loving all the blog posts!
    WOD: Squat Clean_165# PR
    …had a few more in me but ran out of time. Startin to click for me. Shout out to Anna for her feedback! Thanks!!

  11. First Squat Clean Max – 98#
    8 Min Plank! Awesome friendly competition at 6 today!

    1. Becca- you rocked the plank girl! Had a great time at 6pm… I was really pushed to reach my new PR!

  12. Broke 3 digits!! 105# squat clean (PR!)
    Oh, and thanks for the kind advice, Peter… It is, as a matter of fact, easier to take the weights off the barbell AFTER you remove the clip.

  13. Competition class: Elizabeth, isabel, fran – 6:18, 4:46, 6:51
    6 min time cap on each, 12 min rest between. 1 second penalty for each missed rep.

  14. Still a bit sore from Friday’s workout, but today was very helpful! I think I am finally getting the technique of the cleans with my PR of 110#’s…oh and the 30-20-30’s have my hips flexors talkin to me 😉

  15. Great chatter today on the Blog! I love reading all this. Keeps me up to date with all of you. Keep it up!
    So proud of all the PR’s again today.
    I even found one of my own. 255lb squat clean, got under 265 once, but form was sub par.
    Oh and I got my nephew Sage to do his first CrossFit Kids WOD, he keeps telling me his legs are “sooo sore” welcome to Thrusters Sage 🙂

  16. Squat Clean-75#, I’ll say it’s a PR since I don’t remember from the 1st time I did it. But the highlight of the WOD was that I figured out how to keep my squat more narrow and when I did my knees went out on their own–WOOHOO!
    Plank 2:30