CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 9/4/17-9/10/17

our website and get yourself enrolled. This is the perfect opportunity to reset your nutrition after a long summer and before the holiday season is in full swing. You will be guided every step of the way with what to buy, make, and eat for food for one month! Let NapTown Nutrition and the entire NapTown community guide your nutrition for one month and see where it takes you. Monday: Happy Labor Day! Classes will be open gym format from 9:00 to 11:00am at Delaware and 10:00 to 12:00pm at Monon. There will be a few hero workouts written on the board for you to choose from or come in and work on barbell club, a workout you missed last week, or skill work! Tuesday: Most of the workouts on Monday will be on the lengthy side so we will be changing things up today. Starting off with heavy barbell work testing a one rep max hang clean and finishing with a light, quick barbell workout. Wednesday: the first part of your hump day will be focusing on getting your backside strong with targeted accessory work for the posterior chain. The rest of the day will be cycles of running and handstand push up work with rest between rounds. Your goal will be to remain consistent throughout the workout with your running times and handstand push up reps. Thursday: you will be playing with a new drill today to work on improving your split jerk receiving position. You will finish the day out with a few really short sprint AMRAPs with a mix of body weight and weightlifting movements. Friday: finishing the work week off with gymnastics skill work followed by a longer AMRAP for your workout piece. Bring your jump rope along for part 2! Saturday: taking on a larger team workout on Saturday that will involve some team work and a lot of giving it all for your teammates and resting while they work. Be prepared to go hard today for your team! Have a fun and fit week!]]>