Competition Class Beginning Monday

Competition Classes Info:


Intended for those who want to take CrossFit to the next level.  You should be able to RX 80% of CFNT WODs with GREAT technique and judge approved standards. This is not to deter anyone that is not at this level yet. Better yet, participating in this class might be a great goal to set for yourself (which you can learn more about tonight at 8pm!)   Classes will be more skill based, you must know your weights and your scales off the top of your head if need be for a workout.  There will be a Coach organizing the class and explaining the workouts but the Coach will be working out with the class. Schedule—this will be the schedule through summer and we may add more at a later date. We understand this might not work for everyone, but this is meant as a trial run for now.

Monday 8pm Wednesday 10:30am


1)    This class DOES count as one of your times/week toward your membership. 2)    You cannot do two classes back to back.  For example, if you do the 7pm class on Monday night, you may NOT attend the 8pm class.  Your body needs more time to recover and you will not be able to perform at maximum level, which may cause you to regress.  HOWEVER, you can come to a regularly scheduled class and competition class if you give enough time to recover (ex. Come to the noon class and then to the 8pm class or the other possible combinations.) AND you prove that you are responsible enough to REST when your body tells you to. (refer to #6 if you feel you have a special situation) 3)    This is NOT an open gym.  There will be programmed WODs. 4)   This IS a competitive class; if you find yourself behind, scaling too much, or completely lost, this is not the class for you. 5)    If you are unsure if you should be attending this class please email or talk to one of the Coach’s we would be happy to discuss this with you: Coach Jared: Coach Peter: and they will be open and honest on your skill level. 6)    If you have questions regarding this new class please email or talk to one of the coaches.


This class will be run on a trial basis for one month.  If we deem it successful and accomplishing our goals then it will continue and more competition classes may be introduced.  If the class is having a low rate of attendance then it will be discontinued.

Today’s Workout

Strength- Back Squat 5-5-5+ 60%-70%-80% of your 1rm (rep max from last week)

WOD: 9min AMRAP 12 Jacks 24 lateral jumps over barbell with weight on it. 12 HR push ups Immediately into 3 min row for calories

(you get 2 different scores for this WOD) use a whiteboard if you need to, but please take care of the markers and wipe the board clean when you are done. Post-weighted push ups 3 rep max ]]>

15 thoughts on “Competition Class Beginning Monday”

  1. 6AM is busting at the seams. I like it!
    Great WOD today.

  2. Back Squats 117#…135#…155# (10 reps)
    4 Rds plus 12 jacks…47 calories
    35# 3 Rep Max on weighted push-ups.

  3. barely got the last 5 back squats @ #130…felt really heavy today 🙁
    WOD: 8 rounds even & 32 calories
    #20 3 rep max push ups.

  4. Back Squat: 135#-155#-185#
    WOD: 3 rounds – 24 lateral jumps
    Post: 35# push ups – just like when I started crossfit.
    I’ll post my WOD from Crossfit Hell’s Kitchen tomorrow.

  5. BS 125/145/165 -12 reps
    WOD: 6 rounds + 24 lateral jumps
    45 Calories
    60# 3RM weighted pushup

  6. BS: 95, 115, 135 (9 reps)
    Wod: 4 + 12 lat jumps (happy my workout partner convinced me to do big girl pushups)
    Row: 41 cals