Death by 10 Meters

TODAY’S WORKOUT “Death By 10 Meters”

:00-1:00 You run 10M once 1:00-2:00 You run 10M twice 2:00-3:00 You run 10M three times… ETC… Until you can no longer complete the number of 10M runs corresponding with that minute.

*RULES- Must touch line with both hands. Must make it to the line before the clock reads :00 for that Minute




You think we have big classes!!! NOTICE they are only touching with one hand… we will be touching with 2 HANDS!!!


Reminder:  This weekend there will be plenty of traffic downtown and near CFNT.  Use Caution.


14 thoughts on “Death by 10 Meters”

  1. 14+10
    By the way, loved those atlas stones last night. A little messy on the floors, but had a great WOD at the end of fundamentals. I’m hoping we do those more often!

  2. WOD_16+12
    …+1 “new” member we picked up on our warm-up run. Nice meeting you, Josh! We hope you come back!