Get a "Jump" Start on the Paleo Challenge – Sign Up for Yoga

Get it???… “Jump” Start!!!! Lots of jump roping and Double Unders work today. We warned you last Friday!!! Skills: Kipping Technique Advanced Double Underers “Flight Simulator” 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50 Then back down. Must be Unbroken for the set or start back at 0 for the set. Intermediate Double Underers “Mini Flight Simulator” 5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5 Just Learned a Double Under today Double Underers “Micro Flight Simulator” 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1  Post:  Max Handstand Holds

 Please Email if you are interested in Yoga this Wednesday.  YOGA will be at 6:30PM this Wednesday



There have been many questions regarding the Paleo Challenge that starts tomorrow.  Please be prepared and get all of your questions out of the way now.


One question we have received many inquiries on is… “In the handbook, it says if I have one piece of Carbohydrate/Grain than the whole challenge is ruined… so what’s the point if I don’t think I can succeed?” (Paraphrased from numerous conversations with members)

THE POINT IS… Building the gut lining within your stomach is just one of the benefits of the Paleo Diet. There are countless other benefits so taking advantage of this challenge will certainly benefit you even if you do “accidentally” cheat once during the challenge.




19 thoughts on “Get a "Jump" Start on the Paleo Challenge – Sign Up for Yoga”

  1. I’m horrible at Double “Underers”, but if you’re like me, don’t dread this one! Use it as a chance to just work on your DU’s by using their goals. I feel like my form got a little better by the end.
    I did the “Micro” version in 13 minutes of struggling, but it feels a little more comfortable now. A great learning experience if nothing else!

  2. Dear Double Unders,
    I think it is time to move our relationship to the next level. You see what I have with the blue band now, that could be you. Let’s just keep working at “us” until we are one. There are great things in our future together.
    Your new friend, hoping to be more,
    Made it to the Freshman squad today (Micro). Took me almost the whole 20 minutes, but I kept at it and feel confident I can start knocking these out faster. Great workout!

  3. First time jumping rope since 4th Grade Jump Rope for Heart Relay.
    Micro – 13 minutes
    Longest Hand-Stand – 48 seconds (wall assisted)

  4. a humbling workout. did the micro pretty quickly (but i have no idea what the time was) and then tried for the mini. i got to 15 & just could not get past that set.
    at least i have tons of really cute whip marks…

    1. RACHEL!! Congrats on getting 15 DU reps! We just talked about our max unbroken reps being rather low – so that is fantastic work today! I hope I improve too!

  5. So we had a small discussion about OCD this week. I have found the true definition.
    ” OCD=Obsessive CrossFit Disorder”
    I am officially OCD and proud!

    1. Butch- I like you update on what OCD stands for. Since you brought up my daily cucumber lunch treat I thought I would modify my “OCPD” status to Obsessive CrossFit / Paleo Disorder. 🙂

  6. did one of the team workouts this week and found it much more miserable than i would have predicted…
    50# ball slams
    88# KBS

  7. did an in between of JV and varsity.
    worked up to 40 consecutive DU’s (PR!) and got stuck at 20 going back down due to the time cap.
    i also have “cute” little whip marks all over my forearms and legs!

  8. This WOD was so humbling that I’m not even posting my results. Took the whole 20 mins to practice and I will be practicing double unders a lot more often now.

  9. team wod – 4 rds of
    210lb(+weight of sled) sled push 30ft/10yds down and back
    10 burpees
    then I hit the “Flight Simulator”, finished in 14:26

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