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Peter and I would like to thank everyone for taking a few minutes out of their busy schedules to help us improve as Coaches and as Owners. Our goal is to become the biggest and best CrossFit affiliate in the state of Indiana and the only way we can achieve that is hearing from YOU!

We sincerely thank you for allowing us to do what we love!

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TODAY’S WORKOUT Agility Ladder – 10-12 Minutes


“Karen” 150 Wall Balls for time: 20/14

ARCHIVE: March 5th, 2012: Click to view your last score.

(MUST HIT TARGET or you have to drop down in wall ball weight)


BECAUSE OF YOU!… We have gone from this…

To this…

…Simply Amazing!!!


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18 thoughts on “Last Chance to Speak Your Mind… Answer the Survey”

  1. So, I overslept this morning and thought I would give a quick blurb about how I’ve seen a few changes around the gym since they opened. In addition to the rapidly expanding community (sorry if I get names wrong these days!) and the revamped space shown in the pictures above, the coaches have come a long way.
    Since October, I’ve seen Jared and Peter go from what I’ll classify as “awkward middle schoolers giving their first PowerPoint Presentation” to seasoned coaches. If you haven’t noticed already, pay close attention to the warm-ups and post-Wods we do. Anytime one of the coaching staff goes to retrieve a certification or just attends a seminar, they bring back their lessons and incorporate them. The first few weeks were full of high knees and butt kicks alone, but since then I have witnessed some serious yoga moves, the Peter Penguin waddle and the (patent pending) Byczko arm whip.
    I’ve seen them make modifications to their programming and scheduling based on member feedback, so fill out the survey!
    Seriously, great job coaches!

  2. 11:24 Rx’d (don’t get to say that too often).
    Good to see the 6 am’ers are still full of energy.

  3. Jena *Rockstar* Ringo

    Wow. Karen is a beast! I didn’t finish. Wall Balls are definately a weakness & I need to work on them.
    I like the ladder…Even the jumping pushups!
    Fun morning. Josh – you were missed.

  4. time in march; 14:28 with a #12 ball
    time today; 8:39 with a #12 ball
    its still a struggle to hit the 10′ mark and i’m slightly irritated it wasn’t rx’ed, but i’m satisfied with a 6 minute improvement on my most hated movement!

  5. March 5- from beyond whiteboard, I don’t have the time, but did record that I used a 16# wallball, got thru it, probably didn’t do it any faster than today
    July 20, 20# wall ball – 10:50
    BTW.. does anyone use beyond the whiteboard? I don’t see the work outs from naptown posted. Are the workouts being loaded or do I need to take action to make them visable?

  6. 11:37 as Rx’d.
    Shout out to the coaches for pushing me to pick up the 14lb ball and ditch the 12!

  7. 12:45ish with the 12# ball. About a minute slower than last time but I upped the weight so I’m not TOO disappointed.

  8. 8:02, rx
    which is 1 second SLOWER than last time i did this (i guess i didn’t win the mental battle today).